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Pres. Obama harshly criticized for lack of prosecution of Wall St. executives

February 9, 2013 by


Pres. Obama received a scolding from a pair of progressives today. Mike Papantoio, host of the Ring of Fire radio program and Dan Petegorsky is campaign coordinator for Campaign for a Fair Settlement. CFS is

More demeaning statements from liberal broadcaster

December 15, 2012 by


Radio co-host Mike Papantonio targeting a Supreme Court justice today. On his “Ring of Fire” radio show, he insulted conservative jurist Antonin Scalia. “He is a fool in a black robeā€¦. He’s never distinguished himself as a lawyer, never distinguished himself as a judge. He’s a political hack fool that just happened to make it […]

Broadcaster misquotes Romney surrogate

November 3, 2012 by


The liberal talk host, Mike Papantonio, tried to make what was bad enough, worse today on his “Ring of Fire” radio show today. John Sununu, a Mitt Romney surrogate who

Welch is a ‘crazy old man’

October 13, 2012 by


Today’s edition of radio’s “Ring of Fire” program  included some disrespectful statements. The liberal show is hosted by Mike Papantonio (pictured), Sam Seder, and Robert Kennedy, Jr. Papantonio, who we’ve cited many times for

Mike Papantonio continues his habit of trying to denigrate

September 24, 2012 by


The liberal radio host, filling in for Ed Schultz today, tried to insult Grover Norquist, founder of the American Taxpayers Union (ATU) and a staunch conservative. The ATU promotes lowering tax revenues. How does a person operate as a

Radio’s Mike Papantonio still sidesteps civility

September 8, 2012 by


The host of the “Ring of Fire” weekend program said a number of things today that, once again, left us scratching our heads. Is there no shame for saying ridiculous things? About the GOP convention, Papantonio, a liberal, called it “[T]he coming

Thursday’s embarrassments: Papantonio and Tammy Bruce

August 16, 2012 by


Bruce (pictured first), filling in on Laura Ingraham’s conservative radio program, referred to Democrats as the “leftist gestapos.” Discussing the Pennsylvania judge’s upholding of the voter i-d law today that was challenged by the Obama administration, Bruce said the law adds “legitimacy and public confidence” to elections. “Seems like the left doesn’t care about that […]

Repeat offender at it again on the radio

July 7, 2012 by


Referring to Tea Party support for shutting down Arizona’s energy efficiency program, the liberal host, Mike Papantonio, said, “These aren’t just old crazy

An epidemic of name-calling- part 2

June 2, 2012 by


On the liberal weekend radio show, Ring of Fire, the subjects today included Tea Party congresspeople, who co-host Sam Seder cited as

Two days in a row: Trying to insult the right

April 28, 2012 by


Again, liberal broadcaster Mike Papantonio is guilty of name-calling.

Liberal radio host calls governor a ‘bonehead’

April 27, 2012 by


Still more name-calling today by a repeat offender. Mike Papantonio, sitting in for Ed Schultz on his radio program, spoke of Republicans  trying to cut spending in the budget. Papantonio co-hosts the weekend radio program, Ring of Fire. He said austerity measures dry  up the flow of money and thwart capitalism. “If you can’t inject […]

Hannity ‘crazy,’ says liberal talk show host

April 10, 2012 by


Mike Papantonio, appearing on The Ed Show on MSNBC tonight, had some choice words for conservative talk show host Sean Hannity. He spoke about the Trayvon Martin case and a late development that George Zimmerman, who allegedly shot Martin to death, had not spoken to his lawyers for two days and so his attorneys quit […]


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