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Conservative host insults again

June 3, 2012 by


Radio host Jason Mattera, who is promoted as an “ambush journalist,” has been cited before for a lack of civility. On today’s show, he addressed the call by New York Mayor Mike

An ‘idiot in the White House’

April 1, 2012 by


Conservative Jason Mattera called the President an “idiot in the White House” during his local radio program today. He also labeled him the “skinny Socialist.” Mattera’s disrespect reflects more on him than the President. Those who use such language do not deserve access to the public airwaves.

Seeking a laugh, host uses crude description of the President

January 30, 2012 by


Jason Mattera, a radio broadcaster who likes to insult people with different views, embarrassed himself again yesterday. He spoke about increased government revenue. He said President Obama “gets happy in his pants when he talks about raising taxes.” He added that maybe that’s why he stands behind a podium. We’ll update this post after we […]

Mattera wonders why gays need their own softball league; huh?

June 6, 2011 by


Host Jason Mattera, to whom we assign a low credibility rating, spoke about the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association Women which organizes softball competitions. He questioned why gay women need a league of their own. We were surprised by the question. If anyone doesn’t know, lesbians are subject to abuse and discrimination all the […]

‘MSNBC is a hack organization’

March 13, 2011 by


Discussing a comment by Chris Matthews on his TV show, talk show host Jason Mattera referred to the station as “a hack organization.” He went on to say, “Speaking of hacks, Tim Geithner…” Mattera’s disparaging references are a reflection on the broadcaster. Labeling and name-calling in a derogatory way are immature and unintelligent. The fact […]

Jason Mattera w/ NYC Councilman Charles Barron

February 21, 2011 by


Mattera on his talk show discussed a possible first Walmart store in NYC, specifically Brooklyn. Barron compared Walmart jobs to slave workers at a plantation. Mattera to Barron: “…sounds a little ignorant when you use language like that. Barron: You’re the ignorant one. Walmart is a predator…wages that are equivalent in the 21st century to […]


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