There was a time not many decades ago when respect was one of our most important values. But over the years, for too many people, respect has taken a back seat. Perhaps an increase in the level of stress in our lives is one reason. Or maybe the reality of both parents in the workplace contributes. Regardless, we think we need to try to reverse the trend.

There’s no magic bullet. But maybe a good approach would be to start with public discourse. That’s what we’re trying to do.

We think if our politicians and media people interacted with civility, our country would benefit in a significant way.

So our mission is to encourage respect in public dialogue to set a positive example that elevates the quality of politics in our nation. That should enable a more intelligent dialogue on public issues and attract new, qualified people who may be above the partisanship crippling our government.

We are nonpartisan and nonprofit and focus on POLITICS and MEDIA, with occasional detours into SPORTS and MARKETING.

Our director, Mike Schapiro, is a career journalist who is in his 22nd year as an activist for civility.

Please join us by using the easy-to-use contact information we provide to deliver a message to those who should want to show basic courtesy and make government more effective.

We are planning to reach out for support for the first time shortly to encourage potential visitors.

Thanks for visiting today.

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