We should all be alarmed at this report on civility

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A revealing study on civility should have prompted more attention to the subject since it was published in May. We missed it at the time but we think it’s important enough to cover now.

It’s an annual survey that politicians and media, among others, should not ignore. Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate, a company which helps clients with their communication, gathers the information. More on the company below the link at the bottom. Here’s their 2013 report:

Without a doubt, America has a civility problem. Each wave of Civility in America reiterates the unfortunate fact that incivility is ubiquitous; no area of American society is untouched. Eroding civility is harmful to our country’s future and takes a toll on how we interact with the people and institutions around us. The belief that America has a civility problem and that civility will get worse has not waned since the survey’s inception. In fact, it has become our “new normal.” Americans’ experiences with incivility add a noticeably disturbing dimension, particularly as we see the Internet increasingly identified as a cause of incivility.


In 2010, Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate, in partnership with KRC Research, released their first annual Civility in America: A Nationwide Survey to gauge the American public’s attitudes toward civility and self-reported experiences with incivility in a variety of areas of American society and daily life. We continue to track these attitudes and experiences annually to determine how, if at all, these perceptions change over time.

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