Civility takes a hit with the loss of a public servant

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It seems like we’ve lost quite a few politicians this year to retirement or death who were examples of civility, what we wish many in government would serve with these days. Former Congressman Tom Foley, (pictured) who died today, was one of those. Here’s a remembrance from well-known Bloomberg News journalist Albert R. Hunt:

Remembering Tom Foley and civility in Washington
By Albert R. Hunt

Tom Foley was a throwback: A superb politician, with policy expertise, who believed in the politics of civility and comity; a Democratic speaker of the House and a close friend of Republican Dick Cheney of Wyoming.

Foley, who died at the age of 84 today, became speaker in 1989 when Democrat Jim Wright was forced to resign. He served through 1994 when he was swept out of office in a Republican landslide. As a representative, Foley represented one of the most conservative districts in his home state of Washington for 30 years and commanded the respect of his fellow House Democrats, enabling him to rise in the leadership ranks.

His friendship with Cheney, an

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Albert R. Hunt is a Bloomberg View columnist appearing on Mondays. He was formerly the executive editor of Bloomberg News, directing coverage of the Washington bureau.
He hosts the weekly television show “Political Capital with Al Hunt.”

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