Stop the election ads now and start revising the campaign system

Posted on October 30, 2012 by


There are some publications which refuse to accept political ads within a week of the election. Good for them. We don’t know of any broadcast media that have done the same 

After an election season–more like an election eternity– highlighted by nasty and inaccurate advertising and rhetoric, it’s a good time to pull back. Often during the last seven days, charges fly that time constraints make it impossible to rebut.

Even today, the misleading continues. The Romney campaign is still running an ad which proclaims, “Now we’re facing another recession.”

With economic numbers mostly positive, none of the economists we follow have recently been predicting another recession._

Efforts will be made to change the dynamics of election campaigns. But we don’t think these efforts will come from government.  The public will have to demand better and force our legislators to consider limits on expenditures. 

Wouldn’t elections be fairer if each candidate had the same spending limit? Shouldn’t contributions be limited and those who donate identified?

Will it happen? It’s up to us.

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