Polorization threatens the future of government

Posted on October 26, 2012 by


We’ve all witnessed the partisanship that’s led to virtual gridlock in Congress. Not only has it paralyzed the political process but it’s brought a lack of civility and respect that shows no sign of easing.

You hear many lamenting that more good people aren’t getting into politics. With the lack of positive interaction we’re seeing, it’s no wonder that qualified potential candidates are reluctant to get involved in the process.

This doesn’t bode well for a cooperative attitude that can get beyond the divisiveness and move the country forward. Whereas in the past, lawmakers from both parties would socialize in their non-working hours, the atmosphere currently is so toxic that we don’t see that same fraternization that can help lead to better cooperation.

How can this pattern be broken? Sadly, the politicians seem incapable of doing it themselves. That leaves it to us, the public, to demand better from our representatives. It will mean a coordinated effort to contact our representatives and tell them we’ve had enough. We’ll offer suggestions for carrying this out next week.