More misstatements about the President

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The Fox News program, “Hannity,” regularly produces misstatements, exaggerations and falsehoods, just as Sean Hannity’s radio show does. Tonight’s guests included Romney surrogate John Sununu (pictured, home page), former governor and  diplomat Bill Richardson, a Democrat,  Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center, Kimberly Guilfoyle, a legal analyst who now does political commentary and Eric Bolling, a business reporter and one of the co-hosts of Fox News’ “The Five.”

Sununu charged that Pres. Obama “created more racial division than any administration in history.”

A statement like that requires evidence. Some would argue that the President hasn’t triggered any racial division but rather, the Republicans have. The bottom line is that such a remark must be backed up with proof.

Sununu interrupted Richardson several times and at one point said, “Why don’t you shut up for a minute and let me tell you facts.”

This isn’t the first time we’re citing Sununu for insulting comments. Among other things, he lacks civility.

Bozell called Pres. Obama the  “most racially divisive president in history.”

Hannity (pictured, this page) and Bozell brought up the frequently debunked accusation that the President went on an apology tour in the first months of his presidency. Bozell cited statements made by Mr. Obama, including, “There have  been times  where America has  shown arrogance, and  been  divisive, even derisive.” Also, “We sometimes made mistakes. We’ve not  been perfect.  And then, “The United States will be willing to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made. Folks, that’s an apology tour.”

We beg to differ and have cited fact-checking by PolitiFact and that we believe is convincing evidence that there have been no apologies.

Hannity repeated one of his frequent mantras that there are “fewer Americans working” than at the start of the Obama presidency.  

That is correct only if you blame Obama for the loss of jobs in the early months of his term, which we believe is unfair. If you look at the number unemployed in June of 2009, it was 14.7 million. In September of this year, 12.1 million. We view those numbers as a more reasonable comparison.

Guilfoyle commented on Donald Trump’s offer of a $5 million contribution to the President’s favorite charity if he releases his college records and his passport. She said about who would reject such a deal, “Only if you’re a mean-spirited person that doesn’t want to be charitable and it looks like he does not.”

It’s safe to say the President is not a mean-spirited person. Trump has repeatedly chosen to act like someone who doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Bolling used the word “Obamanoma” to describe the President because he said Mr. Obama “is such a cancer to the economy.”

Using the word “cancer” is not only  disrespectful
to the President, but even more so to anyone who has suffered from the disease