Evaluation after the debate

Posted on October 22, 2012 by


The debate tonight was mostly civil though some might object to the President’s occasional  interruptions. As we’ve done in the previous debates, we’ll offer a few observations and then publish the conclusions of the two major fact-checking organizations in the morning.

On the issues, Pres. Obama said again that Romney has proposed $5 trillion in tax cuts. Romney has said  part of his plan to reduce the deficit would be to reduce loopholes and deductions. The President said the math his challenger uses to cut the shortfall doesn’t work.

This issue has been dealt with by both major fact-checking organizations. Both found Mr. Obama’s claim lacking. Here are the links:


Romney once again referred to the President’s early trip overseas as “an apology tour.”

This, too, has been analyzed by  fact-checkers who conclude it doesn’t match the facts. Just one example:


The President also repeated his claim that Romney was an outsourcer of jobs: “You were investing in companies that ship jobs overseas.” Here’s analysis of that statement:


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