Crowley loose with the facts

Posted on October 20, 2012 by


The conservative host, Monica Crowley,  said on her radio program today that “[T]he Kennedys orchestrated major vote fraud, especially in Illinois and West Virginia, in order to hand and basically steal the election for JFK.”

Many investigations were conducted when allegations of wrongdoing were made in several states, including Illinois and Texas. After recounts, grand jury probes, and/or court appeals, no significant  vote-tampering was established. One result was changed, in Hawaii, where a recount gave the state to Kennedy.

Crowley’s comment is not supported by the facts and to charge fraud by the Kennedys without convincing evidence is irresponsible.

Later in the show, Crowley talked about the latest polls. Her take: “[I]n most polls, Romney now  has a real edge nationally as well as in swing states.”

It’s clear that Romney made big gains after the first debate. Some of those improvements have held though some have diminished. The latest results compiled by Real Clear Politics show a mixed bag in swing states. In some cases, conflicting polls have Romney and Obama ahead in the same state.

The bottom line is that neither candidate has a significant lead and Crowley and others spin the poll results to suit their own narratives.