Welch is a ‘crazy old man’

Posted on October 13, 2012 by


Today’s edition of radio’s “Ring of Fire” program  included some disrespectful statements. The liberal show is hosted by Mike Papantonio (pictured), Sam Seder, and Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Papantonio, who we’ve cited many times for incivility spoke about former G.E. CEO Jack Welch, who cast doubt on the Labor Department’s September unemployment numbers last week. Said the host, “How do you get any goofier than a guy that used to be able to say this stuff behind closed doors in board of directors’ meetings … He looks like a crazy old man which he is, saying he doesn’t believe the job numbers … He’s so mixed up … [T]he pitiful thing is he looked like a crazy old man.”

Seder said a short time later about Mitt Romney and his statement about the 47%, “I think it just shows that the guy can flip flop on a dime and that he’s a pathological liar (unintelligible).”

Using the terms “goofier” and twice saying Welch is “a crazy old man,” demeans the person saying it more than the subject of the comments.

Romney’s flip flops are well documented   (The President has a few, too.) but whether he’s a pathological liar is for the medical community to determine.

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