Radio broadcaster can’t avoid insulting

Posted on October 13, 2012 by


Conservative Monica Crowley was consistent with her disrespect this afternoon, talking extensively about the Biden-Ryan debate. Here are some of her comments:

 “When I saw Biden laughing like a maniac, like a hyena, like an unhinged crazy person, like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”

“Biden laughed at that, laughed it off, laughed off the whole subject of Iran and nuclear weapons, laughed about tax policy … ”

“This leads the average viewer with two assumptions. Either, number one, Joe Biden is unstable enough as a man that he should not be a heartbeat away from the presidency…. Or the other assumption is that both Obama and Biden are laughing their way through all of this and going to Vegas and chuckling during the debate, and headed off to vacation and fundraising and everything else because they are fundamentally unserious about the very grave problems that face America…. Either he’s crazy, he’s unstable, in which case he should not be in the number two job or he and his boss are fundamentally unserious about the big problems facing our country.”

Crowley seems to never consider respect and so, loses the credibility she should have.

If you agree that this host should be more respectfu1, call WABC and ask for the program director’s office:

or email