Who won the v-p debate is irrelevant

Posted on October 12, 2012 by


Late last night and this morning, both sides claimed victory, their usual knee-jerk reaction. No surprise but disrespectful because it’s based on nothing much, except partisanship.

But we say whether anyone won last night is meaningless. That’s because there are two more upcoming presidential debates. Whether they’ll have anything but a brief effect can’t be known.

They are, however, the only possible
face-offs that will matter. We’ll know the day after the second one.

Further evidence of that came in an appearance this morning by Gallup official, Dr. Frank Newport. He told Geraldo Rivera on his radio program that while the Obama-Romney debate gave a bounce to the former governor, that didn’t last and there is just a slight, within the margin of error advantage to Romney nationally and in most of the swing states.

So keep your seat belts fastened. Nothing’s definitive yet and likely won’t be until election day next month.