Conservative host can’t be civil or respect the truth

Posted on October 12, 2012 by


Sean Hannity said tonight on Fox News that Vice-President Joe Biden is “a weird man, troubled,” “unhinged, over the top” and a “person who’s having an emotional crackup.” Hannity was talking about the debate last night between Biden and Paul Ryan.

We’re puzzled and yet we’re not puzzled by why someone who is neither a journalist nor a psychiatrist would say these things. The reason it’s said is for partisan purposes to promote the election of the Republican ticket. Fortunately, we don’t believe a truly undecided voter would take seriously comments by a partisan that are so disrespectful.

Earlier, on his radio show, he said, “I’ll push Biden into the category of a buffoon and a fool.” He also made this statement: “This whole campaign has been rude and disrespectful.”

Rude and disrespectful. This broadcaster should be sanctioned but we bet he won’t be because stations value listeners more than civility. Shouldn’t we set a good example for our children?

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