Media and surrogate reaction to v-p debate

Posted on October 11, 2012 by


Fox News included one liberal, Paul Trippi, in its initial analysis after tonight’s debate. The Hannity and van Susteren programs that followed promoted only conservative guests, which adds to the notion that the   “fair and balanced” mantra is not borne out.

Some at CNN and Fox News believed Biden was condescending at times to Ryan.    Greta van Susteren and Sean Hannity of Fox News also used the word “rude.” CNN analysts felt the debate overall was a tie. Fox News broadcasters and pundits leaned more toward Ryan, not shocking.

Not surprisingly, Obama campaign’s Stephanie Cutter called it a decisive win for Joe Biden. She said he held Ryan accountable for what he said. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wanted an answer from Cutter who has been criticized by the Romney campaign for saying earlier today that Libya been politicized by the Romney-Ryan ticket.  She responded, saying that while an investigation is under way, she doesn’t believe criticism is appropriate.

On the GOP side, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, described it as a “great night for us.” He said he was “embarrassed for the v-p” because he interrupted Ryan  82 times, according to Priebus. We don’t have an independent number. The chairman said Biden didn’t use his experience to be respectful and also said,  “Momentum stayed on our side tonight.”

Both spokespersons, in our opinion, have little credibility because of all their partisan and misleading comments during the campaign.