Schultz demeans tweeter crudely

Posted on October 10, 2012 by


On his radio show this afternoon, liberal Ed Schultz got nasty.  He rudely criticized a person who said he was John after this person said, “Ed will ruin this election for Obama.”

Schultz replied, “How the hell am I going to do that?” A moment later, he told the critic, “You have your head firmly up your rear end.” Then he said the tweeter was a “nice plant,” apparently saying someone had put the person up to sending the tweet.

“God, it just infuriates me, the hatred and the dishonesty that’s out there … I very seldom say this on my radio show but I can get away with it. You can kiss my a-s.” (He used the word.)

This host loses control too often.  Though he apologized after a commercial break, he must stop saying things like this.  Normally, we would ask his stations whether he will be sanctioned but he gets a pass from us because he’s going through a tremendously stressful time now as his wife battles cancer.