Liberals sidestep the truth

Posted on October 9, 2012 by


They disrespect GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the election process and conservatives in general.

Radio host Randi Rhodes: “All liberals aren’t the same. But all conservatives are. “Huh? Clearly false.

On liberalMSNBC, afternoon host Martin Bashir made an interesting statement to a guest. “But isn’t it the case that every ailment in society, according to Paul Ryan, is solved and sold by tax ┬ácuts, everything from, I guess, leprosy to the deficit.”

Needless hyperbole.

Cong. Marcy ┬áKaptur (D-OH), who’s serving her 15th term in Congress, appearing on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation,” with Al Sharpton, predicted that Pres. Obama will “win Ohio and and he’s gonna win Ohio big…. I believe he will win big, I certainly do. You can feel it when you’re with the people. You can feel it, They’re disgusted with the ads … ”

As we’ve said many times, we think it’s silly to make predictions, especially when a race is so tight.