Laura Ingraham selectively challenges the unemployment numbers

Posted on October 8, 2012 by


The conservative Ingraham developed her own slant on her radio program this morning. “A household survey” which some “have exposed as inaccurately reflecting the reality on the ground for Americans, the way it’s done, okay, the way it’s put out there, the fact that he gets that rate down to what it was when he started, that this is progress, only in the culture where everyone gets a trophy Is that winning.”

Kudos on one score: She didn’t accuse the Labor Department of fixing the numbers to make the President look good.

But she does challenge the methodology of the unemployment rate computation. That same method has been used for years. It’s well known that it’s not extremely reliable.

We didn’t hear her complaining when the figure was favorable to the previous administration. It’s used because there isn’t a better method at the moment. The other half of the survey is of businesses and that’s viewed as a better indicator of the number employed.

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