Sunday talk shows: The truth is stretched

Posted on October 7, 2012 by


Former candidate and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (pictured, home page) said on “Meet the Press,” “I don’t know a single small businessman or woman who believes that the next four years under Obama will be good. I don’t know a single small businessman or woman who expects to hire a lot more people if Obama wins the election.”

If Gingrich is saying that he’s talked to a random sampling of small businessmen, he surely hasn’t so his comment is meaningless. To say there isn’t one is a gross exaggeration.

Republican strategist Mike Murphy stated on the same program, “They’ve the thinnest reelection brochure ever. Very short on accomplishments. Huge new national debt. None of the jobs we were promised.”

The administration can cite many accomplishments. There are lists available online. Even if 3/4 of the achievements are eliminated, there are still a substantial number.

“None of the jobs we were promised?” A major falsehood. Plenty of jobs were created. Close to 5 million.

A huge new national debt. Accurate. Read the next paragraphs.

Gov.(D-MD) Martin O’Malley and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) (pictured, this page) sparred over who added the most to the national debt.

Sen. Ayotte wins this one. Pres. Obama added more to the debt in four years than Pres. Bush did in eight.

Later in response to David Gregory’s query, Gibbs had his own question, “[W]hich Paul Ryan do we get? Do we get this same sort chameleon that we saw in Mitt Romney, who literally walks away from virtually everything that his campaign on for two years in less than two hours.”

Gibbs had first made this charge on “This Week.” “I think it’s who showed up on the Republican side. You know, a clone that looked a lot like Mitt Romney that had walked away from fundamentally every position that he’d taken.”

Virtually everything? Fundamentally every position? Both major exaggerations.

Conservative pundit Mary Matalin said, “If he gets reelected, this is the worst recovery in the history of this nation.”

It’s not. The depression recovery is the worst.</strong

Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen: Though Pres. Obama got a bit wonky in the debate, "Joe Biden is going to have the style in this debate and Ryan is gonna be the wonk and the question is whether he'll tell the truth on the numbers."

Regular readers here know what we think of predictions. Presumptuous and meaningless.

On CNN's "State of the Union," Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, a frequent subject of our posts, said, "And you saw a president that came in unprepared, uninspiring and maybe Clint Eastwood was right."

The Eastwood reference was to the actor-director’s appearance at the GOP convention when he spoke to an empty chair.

Priebus made another disrespectful comment. Clearly, Romney won the debate but the empty chair is an exaggeration at best.