Romney omits some facts at Saturday night rally

Posted on October 6, 2012 by


Speaking tonight in Apopka, Florida, Romney said college graduates are struggling to get jobs and millions of people who are not working have given up trying to enter the work force.

Those statements are true, however they leave out some of his positions and sidestep the latest job figures. The candidate has said he won’t increase federal aid to students and their parents trying to pay for college. That means he has no plans to increase Pell grants, money that need not be paid back, and may cut those gifts. He also anticipated no forgiveness for student debt.

President Obama has criticized Romney for telling students to “borrow money from your parents” to pay for college.

“I want to make sure everybody understands not everybody has parents who have the money to lend. You know, that may be news to some folks, but it’s the truth.”

With the former governor’s plan, many students wouldn’t even get the loans they need to get to and finish college. His concern about those having trouble finding work is admirable but his intention is to make it harder for them to complete their education.

As for his reference to those who’ve given up looking for jobs, the numbers out Friday showed fewer people dropping out of the work force, and many coming back in, indicating that this wasn’t a major reason for the fall in the unemployment rate. Citing those who’ve given up, a fair evaluation should include the the Friday report.

More election spin.