Crowley continues the disrespect

Posted on October 6, 2012 by


The weekend radio talk show host, Monica Crowley, has been one of our frequent subjects. Today was no exception as she talked about the upcoming debate with Vice President Biden.

“Lean, brilliant Paul Ryan. I mean Ryan is just gonna body slam the old man. Gramps, let me pick ya’ up from the floor there Gramps. So that’s going to be something to behold this week.”

Typical language from Crowley.

She later played a clip of Mitt Romney talking to Pres. Obama during this week’s debate. When the Republican hopeful mentioned his need to “get rid of” Obamacare, he said to Mr. Obama that he used the term respectfully. The President said he liked it.

Crowley then said, “Obama saying I like the term ‘Obamacare.’ Great, baby, because you own it.”

Why do you suppose some media people use these words? Two possible reasons: They get away with it because management believes it contributes to building their audiences . Shame on management. And they may not have been adequately taught about respect. Perhaps we can help them learn by letting our voices be heard.