The Debate: Evaluation

Posted on October 3, 2012 by


The way we saw it, both sides were civil tonight. We thought the President failed to deal with more questions than Mitt Romney did.

As for the facts, there were several fact-checking sites posting in real time. It will take until the morning to get a consensus on answers that strayed from the truth.

Even the liberal MSNBC thought Romney won the debate. So did Fox News. The network closer to the middle of the political spectrum, CNN, also saw it as a Romney victory.

The majority opinion seemed to be that Mr. Obama missed some opportunities and that Romney was both aggressive and pleasant.

David Plough of the Obama campaign, Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist and Joy-Ann Reid, who writes for NBCUniversal-owned website, were among the few who tried to argue that the President came out on top.

The question is whether it will move the needle of the polls and how will the President change his approach in the two remaining debates.

While fact checks are vitally important, we don’t think the majority of even undecided voters pay much attention to them. They should.

More on the fact checks tomorrow.