‘Can civility be restored to politics?’

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This story appeared on the website of KPBS radio in Los Angeles, the public radio station. Another important project trying to promote civility. If you’re in the area, please consider attending. Check the link at the end for more information.

by Pat Finn, Patty Lane, Alison St John

Restoring Respect To Promote Civility In Politics
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As the November elections approach, the American voter is bombarded with a diet of negative ads that may start by being merely distasteful, but become nastier and more unpalatable as the electorate is subjected to the same hit pieces again and again.

Much of the campaign-season rhetoric seems to be about how terrible the other guy is, rather than what good ideas and strong leadership a candidate is offering. Compromise is seen as a dirty word in some circles, and outright lies have become common. And, while there is frequently talk of bipartisan cooperation, there is very little action.

A community initiative on the importance of restoring respect and civility to our civil discourse takes place this week at the University of San Diego features former mayoral candidate and Republican Nathan Fletcher, who famously left his party to become an independent.

Fletcher acknowledges that politics has always been a rough-and-tumble business, but he believes that today, it is more toxic than ever, with very little chance of real action or accomplishment in congress or the California legislature.

More at http://www.sandiego.edu/restoringrespect/P

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