Sunday talk shows: Plouffe and McCain disrespectful to the truth

Posted on September 30, 2012 by


A top adviser to Pres. Obama became the latest to try to defend the White House line that the fatal attack on our Libyan consulate was prompted by an online video slamming Mohammed.

The administration response after the deaths of four Americans came even after it was reliably reported that it was known that terrorism was behind the assault.

David Plouffe (pictured, home page) told “Meet the Press” host David Gregory, “That’s what American intelligence (found) at the time.”

But Gregory persisted, noting the quick change in the reports to the new conclusion that Islamic extremism was responsible. Plouffe gave a weak reply.

It’s time the attempts to distort the story come to an end. It is a simple matter of disrespecting the facts.

Sen. John McCain suggested that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) “doesn’t care” about the recent deaths in Libya of our ambassador and three others during an attack now considered to be by terrorists.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” McCain responded to host Candy Crowley’s citing Reid’s comment that it was “sad and disappointing” that by seeking the resignation of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, the GOP was trying to gain a political advantage.

McCain’s reply: “Maybe Sen. Reid doesn’t care about Christopher Stevens. Maybe he doesn’t care about those three other brave Americans. We do.”

Crowley then pressed the issue: “You know he does though, right?” 

McCain came back with, “No. Well, to make a statement like that, of course, then politicizes an issue that all Americans should be concerned about what information there was and what caused his death, every American — no matter whether they’re Democrat or Republican. So, he’s the one that’s taken the cheap political shot.”

We think it’s inappropriate for the senator to raise the possibility that   Sen. Reid has no sympathy for the four Americans who died. Though he’s expressing an opinion, it’s not something that’s likely and most of all, trying to guess what’s in someone’s head is useless and disrespectful..

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