Democrats’ opinions get a low grade from us

Posted on September 28, 2012 by


The Obama campaign’s deputy director, Stephanie Cutter, (pictured, home page) tonight tried to defend Pres. Obama not meeting individually with foreign leaders at the U.N. this week. We previously criticized that decision. The President did find time to appear on ABC’s “The View.”

Cutter said on CNN, Mr. Obama “always makes time for world leaders.” He has “conversations and meetings all year long.” She added she has “no regrets”about the President’s failure to hold private meetings.

We still strongly disagree with not having individual meetings with the world leaders, especially in the case of Israel, with which relations have been strained between the a President and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Another in the panel discussion, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (pictured, this page) had an odd take on what she said would be the prevailing media evaluation of next Monday’s first Romney-Obama debate. She said the “media will wind up declaring Romney the winner” because they want a closer election race, apparently for the purpose of boosting ratings.

Granholm has a bizarre view of the media’s possible opinion after the debate. While there is plenty to criticize the media about, this slant is disrespectful and questions the media’s integrity, already under considerable  challenge.