Ed Schultz radio show’s unfortunate statements

Posted on September 26, 2012 by


The liberal radio and TV host continues to use denigrating language.

On Vice-Pres. Biden’s gaffes, “I think his wisdom is good. I think sometimes he slip of the tongue but I kinda like that. That isn’t something that he should be frowned upon. I mean it just speaks to his character of honesty.”

Schultz seemed to have a different opinion on misstatements when it came to a Mitt Romney comment:


He also said, “The right wing is workin’ their ass off to win this thing even though they’ve got a jerk at the top of the ticket and the guy below him doesn’t like him.”

He spoke about Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), who’s in a tough election battle with Elizabeth Warren : “He doesn’t have all his marbles, in my opinion. His political moxie is lacking and his judgment is horrendous.”

Jerk? Not an acceptable word. The “marbles” comment is out of order. That’s not something Schultz has the ability to determine.” Even though it’s an opinion, it’s a denigrating opinion that needs backup.

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