Conservative broadcaster insults one last time

Posted on September 26, 2012 by


VN810217Atlanta radio host Neal Boortz is being placed on our Shameful list. His latest comments today are just the culmination of our tolerance for this kind of deplorable rhetoric.

Here’s a sample:

If you’re a Democrat, you’re looking for votes from high school dropouts, you’re looking for votes from single mothers — I don’t mean divorced mothers, I don’t mean widowed mothers. — I mean single mothers. You’re looking for votes from women who have never been married to the father of their children. You’re looking for votes from people who get checks from the government, for which they have paid no consideration. A social security check, you paid consideration for that, social security taxes. You’re looking for votes from parasites, from moochers, from leeches, and these are not intelligent people. These are not intelligent voters. These are not voters who have evn the most limited of knowledge about the people they’re voting for>/blockquote>

He repeated the especially uncivil part, saying the President is “running away with it because I think there are more mooches, leeches and parasites than there are people who want freedom, independence, and want to make their own way.”

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