Fill-in for conservative host deserves no credibility

Posted on September 25, 2012 by


We don’t usually mention radio hosts on local stations but this one filled in this evening for the nationally syndicated Mark Levin. We’ve cited Levin’s vile talk on a number of occasions.

Here’s a sampling of statements by Tom Marr today:

“This guy is the worst president we’ve ever had.”

History decides the effectiveness of presidents, not a radio personality.

Referring to agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack, ‘The hack Vilsack,’ ‘political hack.’

Search for “hack” to see our view of that word.

“What Sen. Boxer knows about foreign policy would fit in a thimble.”

Cute but disrespectful.

Referring to the protests in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere after a vile video insulting Mohammed appeared on the Internet, “Muslims went into their Mau Mau act.”

One definition of mau mau (sometimes mau-mau) is a savage, violent, and depraved tribal cult, an expression of unrestrained emotion rather than reason. The bulk of the protesters were not involved in the attacks that killed one U.S. diplomat and injured three others in Libya.

He called the new Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, a “creep.”

Name-calling is one of the lowest forms of criticism, especially when the words are insulting.

Marr called the replacement referees in the NFL, “jerks.”

Insults are not impressive. The group of quotes we’ve cited are the reason we believe Marr is not credible.
“I’m not changin’ for anybody.”