Mike Papantonio continues his habit of trying to denigrate

Posted on September 24, 2012 by


The liberal radio host, filling in for Ed Schultz today, tried to insult Grover Norquist, founder of the American Taxpayers Union (ATU) and a staunch conservative. The ATU promotes lowering tax revenues.

How does a person operate as a legislator … when you know that what you’ve done, is you’ve made a public proclamation (never to raise taxes), that this hack (Norquist), this guy that even George Bush Sr. said, ‘Who the hell is this guy.’   Ya know, this hack…. If you follow his history, he should be serving the same time that  served where it comes to his involvement with that whole casino bid down south here. He and Ralph Reed were all involved with that but for some reason, Grover Norquist got away with it and he became the spokesman for the whole Teabag Republican party, which is to say, if you serve, you have to sign a pledge that no matter how much we need new schools, no matter whether we need a military, no matter whether we need food for the poor,  you may not, you may not raise taxes at all.

We are again decrying the use of the term, “hack.” (Merriam-Webster: a : a person who works solely for mercenary reasons : hireling) There is no evidence that this is the case so Papantonio’s use of the term is inappropriate, disrespectful and lacks civility.

By the way, sounds like Papantonio is convicting Norquist without due processs. Irresponsible and sad.

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