Sunday talk shows, part 2 – Defending Romney and another class warfare claim

Posted on September 23, 2012 by


“Meet the Press” featured Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) (pictured) and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Host David Gregory mentioned Mitt Romney’s statement that 47% of all Americans “see themselves as victims,” Later he tried to pull back, saying he’s for the 100% in America.
                                                                        Gregory asked whether people will buy that he’s for the 100%. Ayotte responded, referring to the “victims” comment, “That certainly was a political analysis at a fundraiser but it’s not a governing philosophy. He absolutely has a vision for 100% of America …”

We don’t quite get those last comments. Is she saying that it’s okay to pander to a particular group and then change your tune when you’re speaking to the nation?

The senator also said, “The President ran as someone who was gonna to unite people. When you listen to the way he’s trying to divide us, whether it’s rich versus poor, have versus have not…. I agree with the governor. We do need leadership  that unites and we do need leadership of someone who’s thinking about making sure that we have those opportunities so that we’re not in a position where 47% (Gregory interrupts) …”

We repeat once again that we don’t see a differing position on an issue as an example of someone “trying to divide us.” We think these class warfare claims have been and still are bogus.