Malkin has no credibility with true independents, we hope

Posted on September 21, 2012 by


During a discussion on Sean Hannity’s radio show today, conservative blogger and media guest Michelle Malkin rudely dismissed some other conservatives.  “So don’t listen to — I’m sorry. I mean they had their time. The Peggy Noonans of the world. The David Brookses.  David Brooks, whose best claim to fame, for people who have watched him, those of us in new  media over the last four years, is drooling over Obama’s crease in his  pants.

“And talking about all the Ivy league smarty pants who were going to change the world. We remember and we’re holding them accountable and we discount their opinions now about what Romney should do.”

Malkin’s insults and lack of civility make her opinions irrelevant to us and we hope you’ll consider whether she deserves to be taken seriously.

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