The right is wrong, disrespectfully

Posted on September 19, 2012 by


Sean Hannity continues to mislead and falsify. The conservative said today on his radio program, referring to the President’s record, “I don’t see one foreign policy success. I see none. Zero.”

Nothing need be said.

Another conservative radio host, Mark Levin,(pictured) said that the President has “downplayed al Qaeda from day one.” He added that Mr. Obama has been “completely distracted” from the fight against terror. 

Same answer as to Hannity.

Levin called Pres. Obama “egomaniacal.” He accused the President of using “lies, smears, libel, superficial arguments” and “The media promotes it as well.” About Israel, “He hates that country.”

About Pres. Obama, false and not just because they’re extreme exaggerations. We would agree that the liberal media is slanted toward Mr. Obama.

And “hates Israel.” Hates?