Media people on both sides disrespecting facts

Posted on September 11, 2012 by


A discussion on Fox News today began with anchor Martha McCallum citing questions she said were coming from analysts about whether the President is “still relevant.” She cited a sound bite from Mr. Obama’s convention speech in which he said, in part,  “The election four years ago wasn’t about me, it was about you. My fellow citizens, you were the change.”

We don’t quite get the connection between Pres. Obama’s words and his being relevant.”

The convention message was widely criticized for not being specific on what he would do in his second term, something Mitt Romney also didn’t specify at the Republican convention. Kirsten Powers of The Daily Beast weighed in, saying the critics are wrong, that it was an “extremely effective speech.” She pointed to the bounce that the President received in the polls, which generally ranged from one to six points.

There isn’t enough information available to conclude that the President’s speech gave him the boost in the surveys. Plus, we know that such bounces are often fleeting. 

The polls seem to not have been focused on the individual speeches, except that some said former Pres. Clinton’s got the highest ratings. Check this article on the left-leaning Huffington Post site:

Also involved in the discussion, Tony Sayegh, a GOP political analyst and the  Talk Radio News  Service national political correspondent. He said the President’s speech included “socialist euphemisms” like “fair share and fair shot,” not the hope and change Mr. Obama spoke about four years ago.

If those are socialist euphemisms, we’re all for them. As we seem to have to repeat often, we see no indication that the President is a socialist. He says he’s seeking a fair opportunity for people to succeed, not equal outcomes. Check the definition in the dictionary.