Radio’s Mike Papantonio still sidesteps civility

Posted on September 8, 2012 by


The host of the “Ring of Fire” weekend program said a number of things today that, once again, left us scratching our heads. Is there no shame for saying ridiculous things?

About the GOP convention, Papantonio, a liberal, called it “[T]he coming out moment for the tea bag Republican party.”

The party is not dominated by members of the Tea Party. And using “bag” is a disrespectful reference.

He went on a long discourse about Mitt Romney, in the wake of the party’s convention:

“The new talking point out of that is that Mitt loves America and Obama hates America…. One of them is to say that you need our white guy cause he loves America and your African-American doesn’t…. 

How do you say that Mitt loves America  when this is the guy who uses America to squeeze hundreds of millions of dollars out of working people by moving their money from retirement pension programs to his pocket and then closing down their jobs, closin’ down the damn companies that they worked for for decades. 

A misstatement and gross exaggeration about Bain Capital. and claiming to know what Romney’s motives are, which is impossible.

The love and hate comment is, at best, an exaggeration of what responsible Republicans say. A few of the right-wing commentators make such statements, but they have little credibility because of all their misstatements (That word is kind).

And then he loves America so much, and understand, this morning and all week long all we’ve heard is the Tea Party sayin’ Mitt loves America and Obama doesn’t. Well he loves America so much that he’s putting his huge dirty profits into American banks, not in America, they’re not even American banks, he sends that American-made profit to non-American banks offshore.”

All we’ve heard? And did anyone at the convention say that, or was it the right-wing commentators we referred to above.

He labeled Romney “[T]he little corporate vulture …” and repeated it “And then Mittens (Romney), the corporate vulture …” Name-calling is used by those who missed the lesson on civility.

Referring to Romney and his sons not serving in the military and the candidate sending money to offshore accounts when he worked for Bain, Papantonio said, “This is a big lie about how much they love America.”

Another statement, “If you’re poor African-American, you don’t love America,  if you’re Latino, you don’t love America, if you’re a woman with a brain, you aren’t American. Virtually anyone who’s not, as I said, male, pale, stale, frail, you’re not American. And if you’re from the East coast, or the West coast, if you’re liberal, you aren’t from the red state South, then you aren’t an American.”

Who said that? A lack of civility and respect. Papantonio is a potential addition to our Shameful list.