Crowley continues to bypass the truth

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We’ve been covering Monica Crowley on and off, almost since this blog began a year-and-a-half ago. It is difficult at this point, to view the conservative radio host as having credibility. Her statements are bizarre and often exaggerations or falsehoods. We may consider moving her to our  Shameful list.

Here’s what we heard today as her summary of Pres. Obama’s comments at the Democrat convention: “Class warfare, radical wealth redistribution. Demands for ever-more spending. A celebration of socialized medicine. Calls for ‘social justice.’ Lies about his record. Justifications for policies that are imploding our economy and destroying our ability to remain a superpower.”

At another point, she said, “We also heard pleas for another term. But to do what, exactly? If he told us the truth about what he’d do in another four years, we’d all run screaming into the street…. ‘When I said “change you can believe in,” I didn’t say change you can believe in tomorrow,..”‘

Crowley was very close. The President’s statement was “When I said ‘change we can believe in’ I didn’t say ‘change we can believe in tomorrow. Not change we can believe in next week. We knew this was going to take time because we’ve got this big, messy, tough democracy.” 

Crowley’s thought, “Actually, he did suggest that the change of which he spoke in 2008 would be immediate. And a lot of it was. The problem is that the change has resulted in a disastrous economy as a direct result of his (unintelligible) policies. But you didn’t hear that from him this week.”

Another quote. “What we saw this week is an absolute freak show.”

Name-calling is not what we want to hear from those given the privilege of access to the airwaves.”

Please contact us if you find  logic in Ms. Crowley’s statements. if you’ve followed our blog, you know that we disagree with all the claims on both sides  of class warfare, for one thing because war is horrific. it is not about expressing your point of view.  

You might expect more from a PhD.

If you agree that this host should be more respectfu1, call WABC and ask for the program director’s office:

or email