Bias in the media needs to be stifled

Posted on September 6, 2012 by


Though Fox News promotes the Republican cause, it sometimes includes liberal voices on its programs. But we find that the questions for Democrat guests are more sharp-edged than those for Republicans.

Case in point, this morning. Bill Hemmer interviewed former New Hampshire governor John Sununu who made several statements that deserved to be challenged. As most  politicians do, he repeated comments he’s made in multiple venues. We’ve reported on him before.

Hemmer put up a marshmallow challenge to one statement. Bill Hemmer came to Fox News from CNN, where, to us, he was anchoring without bias.

The network on the other side of Fox, MSNBC, favors the left. The difference is that Fox tries to argue that it’s fair and balanced. It isn’t. CNN is much closer to being fair, though we believe it leans left.

It’s time for a serious discussion about how to deal with biased news networks or stations.

It is so disappointing, especially to other journalists, when they see a competent news person join a network or station that promotes any side of the political dialogue.