The truth takes a fall at Democrat convention

Posted on September 5, 2012 by


Here are a few of the statements tonight that are factually challenged:

Democratic strategist Paul Begala said on CNN, “The Democrats are the pro-Israel party.”

We believe the best he might prove is that both parties equally support Israel.

On the same subject, Sen. Chuck Schumer said that about Israel, Pres. Obama has been resolute.

It appears clear that the President’s statements have not convinced Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the President gives Israel the same support other presidents have.

CNN political analyst Gloria Borger offered, “If the gap between the promise of Barack Obama and the performance of Barack Obama …”

The President made promises he hasn’t kept. Examples are that he said he would cut the deficit in half, create five million green jobs and he called his presidency a “one-term proposition” if he didn’t get the economy turned around in three years.

We will also note that all presidents and many other politicians make promises they don’t keep. Check a number of promises as Politifact sees them at this link.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi(D-CA)commented about the reversal of the initial platform adopted by the delegates not saying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, “Whatever, it’s over.” She also said, the original plank on Jerusalem was a “technical oversight.”

That statement is puzzling. Technical oversight? Hard to find sense there. She can’t declare the issue over. It’s up to those who care to decide whether they don’t wish to continue speaking about it.