Liberal radio and TV host Ed Schultz out of bounds with criticism of the GOP

Posted on September 3, 2012 by


Here’s Schultz talking today on his radio show about Republicans veering from the truth:

“Within the week of being announced as the Republican vice presidential candidate , here you have Paul Ryan  in Las Vegas meeting with Sheldon Adelson, the guy who was bankrolling Newt Gingrich to no avail. 

“What does that tell ya, does that tell ya Paul Ryan s a man of the people? Where Sheldon Adelson can command an audience with the vice president, what does that tell ya about where the Republican party is? 

“You thInk he’s out with the folks who’ve been outsourced? Do you think he’s out there with the folks talking’ about jobs?”

Going to see a big contributor doesn’t seem to us like anything special. Both sides do it, whether it’s the candidate or a surrogate. “Those who live in glass houses …”‘
“Citizens United, it’s not politics any more. It’s just buying government and lying to the people and hoping’ you’re a dumb ass…. They’re hopin’ you’re a dumb ass…. That’s where America is right now…. Just get up there and lie your ass off.”

We know we’re at the point now where the word “ass” is in wide use in the broadcast media especially and with the public. But we can think of many civil words that might be used instead of dumb ass.
Schultz also tried to put down former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Following Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast, she asked Homeland Security Security Secretary Michael Chertoff whether there’s “anything she could do.”
Chertoff said he would contact her if there was. 

Schultz then mentioned, in a sarcastic tone, that Rice went to New York to see a Broadway show and shop for shoes.  

We see nothing wrong with Rice having some leisure time. Her position did not involve hurricanes. Schultz needs to pay more attention to civility instead of making inappropriate attempts at criticism.

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