Radio broadcaster wanders away from the facts

Posted on September 1, 2012 by


We frequently cite Monica Crowley’s Saturday program as straying from the truth. The conservative, who also appears on TV on Fox News, had some takes today on the Republican convention:

“They didn’t make it about themselves. They made it about us, and they made it about the founding fathers and what they gifted to us, and they made it about the country, saving America. Wow. What a turnaround from the culted (we think that’s the word we heard) personality.” An obvious reference to the President.
“Suddenly, Barack Obama is a man of the past, and suddenly, Romney and Ryan are the future. That was no small thing to pull off, but by God, I have to tell you, Romney and Ryan really did it.”
“None of that (name-calling) kind of bothers Obama, but the biggest slam you can give to a narcissist like Obama, who prides himself on being the hippest guy in the room, is to basically insinuate he’s an old fogey, over the hill, old fart, been there done that, he’s over.”
“Ryan cast Obama as yesterday’s newspaper. It’s got to be really hard for Obama to realize that he’s been replaced by a hotter, younger, sexier model. The future. That’s the point. Suddenly Obama and Biden look like the past. Romney and Ryan look like the future. And in a forward looking, optimistic country like America, it’s always about the future, baby, always.”
“The revolutions that Romney and Ryan a setting into motion are gonna have a lot of staying power, probably greater staying power ’cause they’re not based on the ambitions of men, i.e. Obama, but on the power of the American idea.

Please comment if you feel these quotes make a good argument for something. They left us puzzled, searching for some truth.