The audience is thrilled at the GOP convention but a few statements fail the smell test

Posted on August 29, 2012 by


Tonight’s session of the convention included speeches by former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, both of which excited the delegates but also included some illogical comments and several misstatements.

Featured speaker, vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan promised, “We’re gonna solve all the nation’s economic problems.”

This is the kind of pledge that is completely unrealistic.

He also cited the comment about building businesses the President made a few weeks ago, “What they deserve to hear is yes, you did build that.”

Republicans continue to take that comment out of context. As we’ve said, the President clearly was making the point that we all get help when we want to accomplish something.

Ryan stated, “We’ll protect and strengthen Medicare” for all the current generations.

Ryan’s plan, which presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said is mostly acceptable to him but not entirely, would offer a choice of sticking with the current Medicare plan or moving to the proposal that would provide vouchers to help pay for medical costs. The early evaluation by some independent fact-checkers is that the plan, which wouldn’t take effect for a decade, could result in higher costs for beneficiaries, especially if the vouchers’ value is not adequate to buy the private insurance policies beneficiaries want. Of course, future events could change the financial picture.

He said about the possibility of the President winning a second term, “Why would the next four years be different?”

Ryan might question what would or wouldn’t happen in a second term, but the next four years could see any number of new or tweaked policies.

Earlier, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made this remark, “We’ll finally hear what a real vice president sounds like.”

Simply insulting.

Ryan criticized Pres. Obama for not following up on the recommendations of the Simpson Bowles Commission.

Ryan also rebuffed the commission’s suggestions though that doesn’t mean the President couldn’t have acted on parts of what would have been its recommendations, had the commission approved its plan/strong>.

The candidate also said, “Whatever your political party, let’s come together” for the sake of our country.”

Good idea but it will take a huge effort in the wake of the failed pledges by Pres. Obama and Bush to bring civility to the process.