Trump: GOP should not be nice to Pres. Obama

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After the Republican party of Sarasota County, Fla. honored Donald Trump as statesman of the year last evening, he told Fox News he had an idea about how to criticize Mr Obama.

Said Trump, ” I think we have to be not be so politically correct. We’re a country in tremendous trouble. We have to say it like it is. We don’t have to be nice to President Obama. We don’t have to say he’s a wonderful person, because he’s probably not a wonderful person …. ”

Politeness is not a word we’re associating with the wealthy real estate magnate. Someone can criticize a person and still be nice, as in civil. Trump has no basis for his description,  “probably not a wonderful person.”

Trump ‘s history of saying things without evidence or results is on record. His effort to question Pres. Obama’s birthplace still hasn’t stopped. You may recall his brief “consideration” of joining the GOP presidential race and rapid pullout. We don’t know if he was ever serious
about running but his need to constantly say how well he’s done in various endeavors, which haven’t always been successful, reflects something about his personality

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