Radio host added to our shameful list

Posted on August 28, 2012 by


The vitriol continues from liberal broadcaster Mike Malloy. Last night’s program was another example and the context of his remarks is irrelevant. The words speak for themselves. A warning that you may find some of this offensive.

Here are a few:

“And the Nazi pope announced Friday morning that (name) had been appointed to serve as the metropolitan archbishop of San Francisco. This freak (someone else) recently told CBS … ”

“Of course the archbishop now he doesn’t give a damn. His soul is going to heaven, right, because, after all, he’s an archbishop, I wonder how many boys he’s buggered. You gotta wonder, huh?”

“Yeh Karl Rove, Karl Rove,  belongs not just in a prison, he belongs in the gallows someplace.”

“How many times have I said on this program how much Republicans hate soldiers unless they’re dead. They hate them.”

“Karl Rove can get his filthy  go-da-n (letters omitted by us) hands into any data base he wants to.”

“Is there a bigger criminal enterprise that is set on death and destruction than the tea bag Christian caucazoid (our phoenetic spelling) Republican right-wing party in this country. Is there a bigger organization bent on death and destruction. Can you name      one …. These people make the Mafia look like a playgroung gang of six-year-olds.”

These comments were made within a 20-minute period. We’re happy we didn’t hear more.

Malloy is now being placed on our shameful list you can find in the column to the left. We won’t waste your time and ours including him in any more posts.