Michele Bachmann on the radio, sidestepping and disrespecting the truth

Posted on August 27, 2012 by


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) a former GOP primary presidential candidate, danced around a question and made a false statement during an appearance on Geraldo Rivero’s radio program today,  which recently was made available to a national audience.

Rivera, a well known investigative reporter who 
also hosts a program on Fox News, asked whether the Republican platform position against any abortion would hurt the party politically. When she talked about other topics, he pointed out that she didn’t answer the question and repeated it.  Again she didn’t answer it.

It’s no secret that this is just one of the ways politicians lose credibility.

Speaking about her view that Mitt Romney will deal with the nation’s unemployment problem, she indicated the President hasn’t put forward a plan. 

She surely knows that the President proposed the American Jobs Act which was not popular with most Republicans and many Democrats, sometimes for political reasons.  We think the public is tired of this kind of distortion in politics (and the media).

Due to the lack of action on the measure, it has been broken into pieces but so far, only a part of one has been passed.