Pastor ‘Rick Warren’s … civility forum idea falls through’

Posted on August 24, 2012 by


This is another sad story about an attempt to help the presidential candidates raise the level of the campaign. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Not surprising. Regardless of whose fault it was, and there are arguments for each of the three principals, it represents cowardice on the part of the candidates. They could have insisted it be held, just as Pastor Rick Warren hosted John McCain and Barack Obama for a civility forum four years ago.

Kudos to Pastor Warren for trying.

One or both of the candidates clearly have little regard for speaking civilly themselves or through their surrogates, including Super PACs. Although the latter are supposed to be independent of the campaign, the President and Romney could change the disrespectful tone, marked by insults, name-calling and false or misleading statements.

Will all involved in this embarrassing campaign realize some day how they sacrificed some of their integrity because it was all about getting elected?

Read the story published today by the Associated Press at the following link: