Radio talk host way off base

Posted on August 22, 2012 by


Michael Savage called the President “a naked Marxist, as I have articulated for years. Trickle up poverty, trickle down tyranny.”

These charges that often come from the right are unsupportable and therefore disrespectful to Savage’s listeners.

The conservative host also said he tended to agree with a caller talking about Savage’s question of why Mr. Obama hasn’t talked about the successful Mars landing. The caller said Pres. Obama is not going to do “anything to give the American people any kind of pride.” He added that “Anything to give us the sense that we’re the best at anything he’s not gonna do it because he doesn’t want the American people to have any pride in their country. He wants to take it away.”

Savage responded about the President, “He wants to beat us up, wear us down and turn us into welfare recipients, deadbeat bums where everybody’s a bum and a victim that needs a big brother to protect them.”

More attacks with no evidence. Savage’s basic premise is incorrect. Mr. Obama provided a statement the day of the landing. You might argue that the President should have called Mission Control in Houston earlier but clearly, he did call. Follow the two links below to see how the Associated Press reported it.