Accomplished author acerbic on the radio, too

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Radio personality Buzz Bissinger (pictured), has written widely acclaimed books, like

    Friday Night Lights

and more recently

    father’s day

(The book cover uses small letters.)

Madeleine Blais, who reviewed

    father’s day

, mentions “his cantankerous tweeting and over-the-top talk-show persona.”

On his Philadelphia radio program, he told a caller yesterday, “You’re an idiot.” He spoke of New Jersey’s governor as “fat ass Christie.”

Bissinger had a difficult childhood marked by “high expectations and short on routine affection,” as Blais describes it. (Read the full review at One of his twin sons, Zach, is mentally handicapped because of oxygen deprivation during his very premature birth. That son, now in his 20’s, is a savant with special, enhanced abilities though he lacks much of normal functioning. The book describes Bissinger’s journey of reconnection with his son to places in their past. Unpleasant as the author was, he manages to learn so much about Zach, giving his own life more meaning than it may ever have had before.

Yes, after hearing Bissinger’s program for the first time, we purchased the book and recommend it.

For the sake of all our children (as we always say), we hope the author will be successful in controlling his ability to disparage. We’ll listen again to the program, co-hosted by Steve Martorano.

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