Sunday talk shows, part 2. Incivility and more

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“Fox News Sunday” also had uncivil and unsupportable statements.

Obama campaign official Robert Gibbs (pictured first) said, “(Romney is) auctioning off dinners with birther-in-chief, right-wing nut job Donald Trump, who still questions whether or not the President of the United States was born in America.” 

We continue to hear phrases like “right-wing nut job.” Trump may be a self-promoter to a disturbing degree but the phrase Gibbs used is completely inappropriate and certainly disrespectful.

Gibbs also danced around Wallace’s comment that the Medicare actuary said the $716 billion in cuts in the President’s law would have to reduce benefits and services.

In addition, the former press secretary to Pres. Obama tried to liken Vice-Pres. Biden’s comment that Republicans would put African-Americans back in chains to House Speaker Boehner’s call for the unshackling of Wall Street.

The failure to answer the actuary question and trying to compare Biden and Boehner’s statements take away from the reliability of any of Gibbs’ messages.

Host Wallace misspoke when he said a panel of bureaucrats will decide what professionals like doctors and hospitals should do if they don’t follow the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  

The panel consists of medical people, presumably qualified to take the necessary steps. Wallace also noted that Congress will have to approve any changes, thereby providing for a second look at the decisions. Hopefully, Congresspeople will decide based on what’s best for the patients and budget considerations, not just satisfying constituents.

When Wallace noted to Romney adviser Ed Gillespie (2nd photo) that the independent Congressional Budget Office concluded that Medicare recipients will have to pay more, Gillespie said, “We reject that in our analysis, Chris, and don’t believe  that is accurate.” Wallace persisted. 

Gillespie provided no evidence and Wallace moved on to another question. The Romney campaign official also erred in saying the Medicare cuts would affect current recipients. They may in the years ahead, but will not anytime soon.

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