‘Why must liberalism ruin everything’

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Filling in for radio host Neal Boortz, Erick Erickson discussed diversity  quotas as they apply to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The conservative Erickson wondered why the makeup of the orchestra has to be partially based on racial or other quotas.

Erickson said at one point, “Why must liberalism ruin everything?” He repeated it. Then he said, “They can choke on their diversity requirement and go bankrupt as far as I’m concerned.”

First, liberals obviously don’t ruin everything. Second, we’re tired of generalizations on any subject. Saying a dangerous action (choking) is okay with him reflects on Erickson’s character.  Approving of a company’s possible bankruptcy is not respectful..

Erickson also used a voice meant to sound silly and mocking which was supposed to be that of  the New York Times‘ Maureen Dowd, apparently trying to give less credence to her views.  He quoted her saying about GOP vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, “He’s the cutest package that cruelty ever came in.”

Trying to demean someone is not befitting someone given the privilege of broadcasting. On the other hand, Dowd’s quote is hardly civil and respectful. Describing him as cruel is unreasonable. You may disagree with his social policies but “cruel” is over the top.

He also tried to disparage the editor, publisher and co-owner of The Nation magazine, calling her “America’s favorite Marxist, Katrina vanden Heuvel. She’s the only acceptable Marxist because she’s a radical ….She rooted for the Soviet Union until it collapsed and basically, if you hate America, she roots for you.”

We haven’t seen any evidence that vanden Heuvel is a Marxist or has admitted to being one (as Erickson also claimed). Erickson should be embarrassed by his comment. The “hate America” remark is untrue and detracts from Erickson’s credibility.

We point out occasionally that the negative tone and insults made on partisan programs aren’t made, for the most part, on network TV (not cable). But we would guess that Erickson wouldn’t say the same thing when on CNN, a cable

People seem to believe that being uncivil and disrespectful is acceptable to management and the public on biased stations or programs but not on network TV. Sadly, they are often right.

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