Hardly complimentary to the Romney campaign

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A substitute host for Randi Rhodes’ liberal radio talk show veered from the truth today in a comment about the Democratic ticket’s attitude toward the opponents.

Nicole Sandler (pictured) said that the President and Vice-President Biden have been “nothing but complimentary” in ads about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

A couple of examples of how these ads have not been so nice: The Democrats’ Super PAC ad suggesting that Romney had somehow caused the death of a steel mill employee’s wife whose husband lost his health insurance after being laid off by Bain Capital, the firm Romney headed.

The ad is misleading and in poor taste. But more importantly, Romney left the firm before the man was laid off. You might argue that Romney may have put in place some policies which later affected this family. However the overall point is, in our view, that trying to mislead, especially in a case involving a death, is despicable.

Not to mention that the White House could have pulled the ad from its online home but didn’t. (The ad has never been shown on TV.)

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Then Vice-President Joe Biden (second picture) makes the claim that the Republicans want to put African-Americans in chains, a reference to slavery, which mainly victimized the black community.

Despite the fact that he was probably referring to strict regulations that — said shackled the –, this is a major insult directed at the Romney-Ryan team and a dumb, pandering remark for Biden to make, which some mostly conservative blacks felt was an insult to them.

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