Thursday’s embarrassments: Papantonio and Tammy Bruce

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Bruce (pictured first), filling in on Laura Ingraham’s conservative radio program, referred to Democrats as the “leftist gestapos.” Discussing the Pennsylvania judge’s upholding of the voter i-d law today that was challenged by the Obama administration, Bruce said the law adds “legitimacy and public confidence” to elections. “Seems like the left doesn’t care about that any more.”

Calling Democrats “the leftist gestapos” identifies Bruce as someone a reasonable person doesn’t want to hear.

“[T]he left doesn’t care about (legitimacy and public confidence in elections) any more.” A ridiculous comment.

She also offered, “This projection that it is gonna be someone from a political side that’s gonna exact violence because of the rhetoric. Conservatives don’t do that.” (She’s apparently referring to the projecting).”

Both sides have done it.

In addition, she said, “Fascism can only spring from socialism which can only spring from liberalism ….Only people who are liberals on the left who do not believe in the rule of law or our human decency and individual responsibility resort to violence. Conservatives resort to the rule of law, the expectation of decency and the first instinct and instinct and the willingness to help people not only like themselves but especially unlike themselves.”

Way out of line. Partisanship to the extreme.

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Mike Papantonio (2nd picture), a liberal radio host, filled in for Ed Schultz. He said the judge who today upheld the Pennsylvania voter i-d law is a passive-aggressive right wing idealogue.” He also referred to him as “a goof in a black robe” and said, “The worst kind of fraud to me is a fraud like this guy dresses up as if he has some kind of intellectual or moral high ground. That’s the most vulgar, revolting kind of thug to me.”

Papantonio appears frequently on this site. These are just his latest insults. He does not deserve the privilege of being on the air.

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